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About Company

Specialists for steel pipes

For over 20 years we deliver to our clients steel pipes and hollow sections of which parameters meet highest requirements. Our aim is to be reliable supplier for our clients. Deliver them the material on time with guaranteed quality according to their requirements. Serve advice and wide service. Offer logistic solutions to place of delivery.

Our recipients that deal with mechanical engineering, steel structures, industrial equipment also clients from energy industry have rated our company as an honest expert in delivering materials for their projects.


10 000 orders per year

We have gained confidence of a wide range of our customers. 1500 recipients place 10 000 orders at our company. We guarantee the highest quality and deliveries on time. It is because of them, but also for them, our company is developing and constantly extending stock, expanding stock potential and extending offered services.


2 200 products available right away

For our customers we stok 2200 positions of steel pipes and hollow sections available right away. At our stocks in Tarnowskie Góry and Zawadzkie we store:

  • seamless steel pipes with diameter from 21,3 up to 711,0 and wall thickness from 2,3 up to 80,0 mm

  • hollow sections cold formed and hot formed with square section from 40x40 up to 400x400 mm and also rectangular section from 50x30 up to 500x300mm and wall thickness from 3 up to 20 mm

  • welded steel pipes with diameter from 610,0 mm and wall thickness up to 16,0 mm

10 000 tons materials on stock

All material is stored in warehouse that protects the material from rust. Overall on area of 16.000 m2 available for customers is 10 000 tons:

  • seamless pipes in grade S355J2H and S235JRH according to EN 10210-1,2
  • seamless pipes in grade P355N-TC1, P355NH-TC1, P355NL1-TC1 according to EN 10216-3
  • seamless pipes in grade P235GH-TC1 and P265GH-TC1/TC2 according to EN 10216-2
  • seamless pipes in grade Grade B according to ASTM A106
  • seamless pipes in grade P235TR2 according to  EN 10216-1
  • seamless pipes in grade P235TR2/S235JRH according to EN 10216-1/EN 10210-1,2
  • hollow sections cold formed in grade S355J2H and S420MH according to EN 10219-1,2
  • hollow sections cold formed in grade S355J2H and S420MH according to EN 10219-1,2
  • hollow sections hot formed or hot finished in grade S355J2H and S355NH according to EN 10210-1,2
  • welded steel pipes in grade S355J2H according to EN 10219-1,2